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 Neutrofield      The Neutral Field

A neutral field is a place, at which we settle down, relax and come to peace. 

There are many places in nature that are full of harmony, where we can feel at ease, relax and regain our energies.

I have found my place means: I am in peaceful resonance with my surroundings.

The object of NEUTROFIELD is to provide tools, that bring us in harmony with ourselves in daily life at our working place,
within wi-fi-zones, while using the cell-phone, in traffic, in an airplane, in big cities. 

Neutrofield is the product-name for tools, that enhance and support our energy-field.

Neutrofield´s focus and direct energy.

The background of Neutrofield products is the knowledge from Ayurveda.

NEUTROFIELD are products from Anmolac GmbH,  CH-6340 Baar
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