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Our nervous system

Our nervous system functions due to smallest electrical charges.
Thoughts, orders to muscles, respiration, digestion, heart activity, our moods, state of consciousness, dreamy and wakeful states are triggered and controlled by smallest electrical charges.


The electro-magnetical fields of our own bodies are dynamic, constantly changing and modulated.
This is how we are capable to communicate, act and adapt to the ever changing conditions of climate
and daily life.

The shape of an electromagnetic field is similar to a hurricane, looked at from above or an apple with a hole. A grid-like structures surface rotates around its own axis and transports electrical charge.

                                                             Technical produced electromagnetism is not dynamic.
                                                             Technical electrical fields whirl around and penetrate

                                                             us from all sides.

                                                             WiFi, electric devices, screens, electric wires, satellites create
                                                             a non-stop radiation of our nervous systems.
                                                             Every day it increases, especially since the beginning
                                                             of the age of wireless communication.



Neutrofield products absorb incoming radiation and reflect it in a transformed and bundled way.

Neutrofield products contain a variety of minerals.
They are selected according to the ayurveda in such a way, that the output energy optimally suits our body-systems in a supporting, constructive and life enhancing way.

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