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Purification (transformation) of technical radiation throughy Ayurvedic microcrystals


Our body and energy field are exposed to an increasing technical radiation. (WLAN, mobile phone networks, satellites, radio etc.)

Neutrofield ist the name of products that protect our space and aura.

Neutrofield products cleanse and harmonize energy fields. 

In everyday life, at the computer, in Wi-Fi zones, while talking on the cell phone, in traffic, on the plane, in the shopping center, at
our place of residence. 

Neutrofield products contain various minerals that have been used in Ayurveda
for several thousand years.  

The minerals and microcrystals in Neutrofield products have been selected to optimally
cleanse, harmonize and support our body systems.

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Protection when using
the computer mouse


Promotes flow

Der Rote Neutrofield
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