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Rainer von Niederhäusern Braun, 1960

I have been working with the energetic structures of our body for more than 30 years.

1984: Diploma in acupuncture at the Academy of Chinese Acupuncture, Colombo.
1992: Since 1992 application of minerals and microcrystals in bodywork and for geopathological treatment of houses and apartments

1998: Diploma Polarity Therapy RPP, Polarity Center Zurich

1998: Diploma Holographic Repatterning Association, Albuquerque, USA

2000: Diploma Craniosacral Therapy, European School of Craniosacral Therapy, Alicante, Spain

2002: Diploma Focusing Trainer, Focusing Institute, New York, USA

In my own studio 1998-2010 in Thalwil, in the Studio della salute psicofisica in Pontassieve, Firenze, as well as in the psychological center of lic.phil. Christa Bolliger's psychological center in Hausen am Albis, I worked and still work as a therapist using various body therapy approaches.

Years of study and practice led to the development of the Neutrofield products. The foundations of Neutrofield come from Ayurveda.  (Jyotish)

Neutrofields create a harmonized energy field in an everyday life full of technical radiation.


Neutrofields are worn on the body, or placed in houses, rooms, apartments, around the computer, in the car, etc.


Neutrofields are currently in use in Switzerland, the UK, Italy, Germany, the USA, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

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